Information about Kangoora Marketplace


Rent kid's gear anywhere you travel

Kangoora is a global rental marketplace for baby equipment and kids' gear. Here parents from all over the world connect to rent kids products for daily reasonable prices. Perfect for family travelers or simply parents nearby to utilize and enjoy

If you're a parent travelling with children you are probably familiar with the packing problem. What do I need to take? Will there be a toddler bed in the apartment, what about a baby bathtub? Do I need a highchair, a stroller, a swing? How do I take all of this with me? In the car? On the plane? In the elevator?! Oh my!

Kangoora is here to help family travelers feel right at home when far away from home. 

Travelers benefit from packing light and saving costs while local parents and rental shops earn from renting out gear that is necessaryYes it is a win/win situation! Parents like  you are changing the world by helping sustain an economy based on sharing. Join us to take part in the change. 


Why Rent?

Earn Money

As a parent you're probably accumulating lots of kids stuff. But instead of storing items for your next baby or having the gear lay around dormant, why not rent to families in need and make a fair profit along the way? You can actually supplement a family income by doing almost nothing.

Encourage Local Tourism

A warm welcome goes a long way. Rent out your quality products with a friendly smile and offer local recommendations. Help other parents and children feel comfortable while far away from home. Inevitably your acts will further economic growth and help development your city, town or neighborhood.

Support Sustainability

Contributing to sustainability by reusing and renting kids' products is a sensible and value option for the future. Additionally, this helps ecologically and economically, sharing is caring for our planet. 


Why Hire?

Save Costs

As a family traveler you can pack light, leave your personal, sometimes expensive baby equipment or kids gear at home and rent out similar quality items at your travel destination. Save on overweight costs and high delivery tariffs because the items you need are right around the corner.

Meet Local Parents

If you are traveling to a familiar destination or to the unknown, it is always helpful to know someone abroad, especially families and parents like you. Make global connections with local parents in the area eager to make your stay a joyous one.

Travel More

Hire what you need when you need it, consume less, live light. Our kids can still have it all when travelling abroad and we can enjoy the benefits of traveling light!  Invest in traveling more with your family.